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  • I’m looking for a beta reader who enjoys both fantasy and romance, combined, for a love story influenced by the shadow of war and prejudice among magical castes. Magic system is elemental, but different (I hope). Draft is ready now, 95K words. I’d love to exchange chapters.I read everything (and I mean everything).

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    Hi. I am at BETA stage (three major revisions prior) and am looking for 1 to 2 readers willing to provided a detailed critique (based on a critique sheet I’ll provide) for a Sword / Sorcery (more sorcery than sword in this case) novel (135K words) in exchange for doing the same for the critique partner. The novel is set in a created world with a…[Read more]

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    I’m in the process of getting down a short novella that’s been in the works for about a year now, and am looking for a critique partner. As for the story, it’s a supernatural story about the question “What if humans hid from monsters, and not the other way around?” There’s a little bit of romance, but it won’t go very far.
    If you’re…[Read more]

  • Hi there,

    yeah I’m perfectly able to have another partner, I’m thinking a Bi-Weekly schedule would be best for me right now. How does that sound for you? If its too often then just let me know, but I can’t do weekly right now. We can do an initial swap if you like, 1st chapter for 1st chapter, and then we can see how we like each other’s…[Read more]

  • Hi Francesca, I am actually looking for a little brutal honesty. I am one of the few that you can be perfectly honest with, to me it just means that I have to rethink my approach which could make the story better. I would be willing to send you the first chapter on the novel I am working on if you are interested and have the time. I also have…[Read more]

  • Hey there folks, I am newish to writing. I have yet to publish anything, but I finally decided to sit down and write down the novel I always wanted to write. I managed to get a first draft written in about 2 1/2 months and now I am working on the second draft. I hope to make some friends or at least some beta/critique partners to help me iron…[Read more]

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    Hello dear friends,
    My name is Jordan, and I just joined this wonderful website. I’m a 43yo male and I have been writing for 30 years. I’m looking for a CP to exchange chapterssegments of 500 to 1000 words a day with two days off a week.

    My genre is Sci-Fi MM Romance. Your genre can be anything, because it is adherence to the craft and to…[Read more]

  • Tru posted an update in the group Group logo of Science Fiction & FantasyScience Fiction & Fantasy 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hello! I’m new to this site, and also to critique exchange, but I am ready to jump in head first. Currently I am writing YA Urban Fantasy and I am interested in making friends with my chosen critique partner and cultivating a strong relationship built on trust and mutual interest. It is important to me to stick with the same partner for as many…[Read more]

    • Hey Luna, I would be interested in giving it a try. I am currently writing the first of three novels (At least I have enough plot line for three books, possibly more) Let me know if you are interested.

  • Francesca posted an update in the group Group logo of Science Fiction & FantasyScience Fiction & Fantasy 1 month ago

    Hello there everyone!

    I just signed up on here in the hopes of finding some Writing Buddies/Critique Partners/Beta Readers, as frankly I need some sounding boards and second pairs of eyes! I write mainly in Fantasy but enjoy a dabble now and then into the realms of Sci-Fi (who doesn’t?) but am ALWAYS prolofic in all that I do. So I am also…[Read more]

    • ND replied 1 month ago

      Hi there! I’m completely new to critiquing (studying up on it though!) but I’m working on a science fantasy YA-ish novel and I love reading both genres! I’d post weekly or bi-weekly depending on how a chapter is going, but I’ve always got time to read whenever. Just tossing this out there in case you might be interested in having me as a sounding…[Read more]

      • Hi 🙂 (that is an amazing name btw) And thanks for getting into contact! I never know whether or not these sites are going to have talkative people or not, so thanks! New to critiquing is fine, the only way you learn is by doing! When you say YA-ish do you mean its applicable there but also for adults? Because I am in a similar area! That schedule…[Read more]

        • Aw, thanks! And yep, I’m not completely sure what it falls under, but I figure it works for both YA and adults. It’s awesome that yours is similar! Bi-weekly definitely works. For primary genres, I’ve only worked on the novel I’m currently writing, but I guess that also encompasses action/adventure, some dystopian and cyberpunk, and a little…[Read more]

          • Oooh love a bit of cyberpunk! I’m not big on romance anyway, so no worries there, but I throw it in when needed/characters want it (demanding buggers that they are). Well shall we do a first chapter swap? See how we get on with those? I have a short prologue as well but it’s only like a page and a half or so. My book is centred round a female main…[Read more]

            • Haha, I hear you on romance, it’s like they’ve got minds of their own. o.o;; Golems and military, definitely sounds interesting! Mine actually follows three different but connected storylines, but my main one focuses on a male main character in his late teens in a medieval fantasy setting finding himself in the middle of a Chosen One thing he…[Read more]

            • Oh yes please! Medieval fantasy, sounds good to me! Nah don’t worry about “i know, i know” it isn’t cliche until you say its an allegory for Jesus 😉 otherwise good on you! I am more than happy to do a swap! Once we see how each other writes/ critiques we can see where we stand.
              When are you wanting feedback by? I have just started a new job and…[Read more]

    • ND replied 4 weeks ago

      Sounds good! I’m in no rush for feedback, whenever you can get around to it works fine for me. I’ve recently moved from 1st to third person too, I’ll definitely be on the lookout. I’ll go ahead and send mine, hope it’s not too terrible to read! ;D

  • Hi there! I’m brand new on here and am basically just meandering through the forums, I came across your listing when looking into the group. Sounds like a decent foundation for a concept, was wondering what aspect of fantasy is involved?

    If you are wanting someone ‘brutally honest’ that sounds perfect, as I always worry about people claiming to…[Read more]

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