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I'm currently writing...

Muliple genres and my mind never stops these days.

Paranormal Romance series–The first book is ready for a crit. called The Swimmers Stalker and is basically a love story. Nothing beyond sexual scenes. Follow along with Ruby as she learns her sixth sense is a lot more then that. This one has bits of graphic/adult content including BDSM.

Fantasy Romance series–Sara has no idea that she is the key piece, an Element and this family –The Rosen Family–who has not only power over her life and families lives, but over the Nations, forces her role. Does she fall in love willingly or was it magic? She encounters so much tragedy over the course of these books and find another that her true love? But she’s married…

Work in progress…oh so many

Critiquing experience

I have dabbled here & there

Are you pursuing publication?

I am already published

What I want in an awesome Critique Partner

Deep critique. I am experienced with critiquing., Encouragement & support as as I am new to critiquing, Regular feedback

The type of structure you like

Enforced structure and deadlines

How often can you give & receive feedback?


What is your writing experience?

I have self pubbed under the pen name Suzy Ayers. ;) I have taken many creative writing courses, nothing beyond that you know that whole peer editing thing in college

My writing influences are...

Music, life, movies and other books…I love to read and read a lot. I can read a book in a day. With editing though I will be through and probably read it more then once, I want to make sure I do a good job.

Books I enjoy reading

I enjoy fast paced page turners, romance; whodunits… make me laugh, cry and want to keep reading

Links to your blog or writing

face book page s ayers writes and Suzy Ayers…yeah I’m a crazy one
also on twitter @SuzyAyers

FB will show you all the projects I am currently working on as well as books that are published.

More About Me

If you want honestly and not rudeness I can be your girlpal. Give me parameters of what you want and I will do my best. I am tough and a perfectionist on my own work and will try to be clear about the changes I make on yours and why.

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searched romance and CP

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