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  • I’m also looking for a serious partner, but most of my stories, or the ones I want critiqued are written, just need polishing. I’m happy to go through chapter by chapter, but I want someone to read my story and […]

    • I am looking for a CP also i am happy to do chapter by chapter also, send along a message if you want to swap a test chapter or something. :)

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    I have several finished stories, but focusing on manuscript in particular. It’s urban fantasy/paranormal romance, there’s violence, bad language and of course sex. I would like to find a CP for a general opinion and maybe some polishing before I send it to an editor, and then self-publish. It’s the first in the series, though I’m working on a…[Read more]

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      Hi Brandy! I love PNR, I’m currently working on a manuscript as well. Would you be willing to trade favors? I’m in need of help too, I’m writing a PNR with swearing and sex too, rooted in greek mythology but set in modern times.

    • Brandy are you still in need? I am a newbie and I have a fantasy romance I need a CP for. Check out my profile and if you think I am a good match let me know. Mine has the same elements and well my book is called Elements. :)

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