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An epic fantasy novel titled “Heirs of War”:

Seventeen year-old twins Ariana and Zelene couldn’t be more different. Zelene’s life belongs in the plot of a Lifetime movie, whereas Ariana seems destined to be Homecoming Queen. When enemy forces threatened after their birth, the girls were ripped from their homeworld and separated for their own protection. The twins have one thing in common: They have no idea they are part of a prophecy foretelling five powerful girls bringing peace to the war-torn worlds, but they are about to find out. The hard way.

When their enemies strike, the girls are taken back to their world and discover the ties binding them together. Rhaya has always had an uncanny knack for reading people, but can’t seem to unravel the mystery tying her to her new friend Isauria. For years, Isauria has been dreaming of Terrena, a girl living her life on the run in a magical world ripped apart by the tragedies of war, completely unaware that she is psychically linked to the world she was born in.

Zelene views them all with a distrustful eye, familial bonds or no, and can think of a place or two she’d like to shove the crown she supposedly inherited. When she learns that her long-lost twin Ariana has been captured by the rebels, Zelene’s attitude changes. She finds herself torn between her need to save the sister she has never known and her longing to run away from the responsibilities thrust on her young shoulders. She doesn’t know how she is supposed to go against an army of magic-wielding rebels when her own ability to manipulate the elements is still locked within her, but she doesn’t think she can trust the elders to rescue Ariana when it seems their medieval politics are what brought about the war in the first place. With all that is at stake, the answer becomes clear to Zelene.

Screw the worlds. She’s getting her sister back.

Critiquing experience

I have dabbled here & there

Are you pursuing publication?

Yes, I’m serious about getting published

What I want in an awesome Critique Partner

Deep critique. I am experienced with critiquing., Regular feedback

The type of structure you like

Enforced structure and deadlines

How often can you give & receive feedback?


What is your writing experience?

I’ve written two full length novels for the Heirs of War series, more fanfiction than I like to admit, and tend to write anywhere from 2k to 20k in a given week depending on inspiration and time.

My writing influences are...

Terry Goodkind, George RR Martin, Jane Austen, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, JR Ward, music, other books or television shows

Books I enjoy reading

A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin

Links to your blog or writing

My blog:

Sample Chapters:

More About Me

Mara Valderran has been coming up with stories since she could talk, often commandeering her brother’s GI Joes to play out her fictional tales alongside her Barbies. Once she hit adolescence and could no longer get away with playing with Barbies, she put her ideas to paper and hasn’t stopped since.

Mara has worn many different artistic hats throughout her life. She has dabbled in screenwriting, plucked guitars, toyed with singing, retired from acting, and drawn some pretty mean stick figures. However, writing books seems to fit her best as she finds nothing more fulfilling than creating worlds and characters she can lose herself in.

When Mara isn’t writing, you can find her doing a number of things that would all get her accused of being a geek. When time allows, she is a reader of fantasy and player of video games. She loves roller skating, singing karaoke, and hopes to one day meet Daniel Jackson from Stargate, or possibly the actor that played him.

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