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I'm currently writing...

about a futuristic society that seems almost too perfect. The story is told through the eyes of Perla who begins to see flaws in the Committee System that protects the seven sectors of the world. She’s recruited to be part of an internship program where she meets other teenagers who question their society and they’re given a chance to help change things.

Critiquing experience

Nope, I am a newbie

Are you pursuing publication?

Yes, I’m serious about getting published

What I want in an awesome Critique Partner

Encouragement & support as as I am new to critiquing, Regular feedback

The type of structure you like

Enforced structure and deadlines

How often can you give & receive feedback?


What is your writing experience?


My writing influences are...

Ender’s Game, 1984, The Hunger Games, Seven Longings of the Human Heart. I love history, but also thinking of alternate timelines.

Books I enjoy reading

I enjoyed The Hunger Games, the first book because the character was well developed. I didn’t like the sense of hopelessness that prevailed in the other books, but the character was consistent.

More About Me

I’ve taught high school social studies and English for nine years and my motivation to write comes from my students.

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