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I have two books on the go

One is high fantasy. The gods are waking and the divine right to rule no longer belongs to Lien’s brother, the King, . Lien is serving his mandatory military service with the hopes of being forgotten about, but when the goddess chooses him to rule, her decision is final.

But his brother is a good King and the secrets he can see are the only reason why the much larger country over their mountainous border is being kept there. When political alliances fall and the gods conspire to drive Adan mad, Lien has to decide when, not if, he is going to have to lead the revolt against the brother he loves.

My other book is about kinky vampires.

Critiquing experience

I am a seasoned pro!

Are you pursuing publication?

Yes, I’m serious about getting published

What I want in an awesome Critique Partner

Deep critique. I am experienced with critiquing., One time only feedback., Regular feedback

The type of structure you like

Casual exchange, no deadlines

How often can you give & receive feedback?


What is your writing experience?

My erotica is published. My short fiction fantasy stories have sold, still working on the lap-breaking fantasy

My writing influences are...

Neil Gaiman, Megan Whalen Turner, Dianna Wynn Jones

Books I enjoy reading

Anything by James Lee Burke, non-fiction, fantasy, flapper age, urban fantasy

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More About Me

I love the techniques behind how to write well. I am not the critiquer for someone who just wants their commas in a row.

I really read for character development and conflict and tension so much so that I usually don’t do initial line critiques. Since becoming a writer, I’ve probably read as much unpublished fiction as published fiction and I’m really good at finding what the tragic flaw of the book is and how to fix it.

Where did you hear about Ladies Who Critique?

From another blog linked from another blog?

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