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I'm currently writing...

I have several ideas I’m currently beginning to write or plot out. I’m hopeful I’ll find someone who can weed through these ideas and see with which I should focus on.

The first story I’m writing would fall into the YA group. It’s a story about a teenage girl who is imprisoned by a dictator who rose to power after the collapse of the United States government. Miraculously, the girl, Alison escaped from her prison and vows to take revenge of the dictator who caused her so much pain. But as Alison makes strides in her plan for revenge, a strange lust for power may convert her into the very beast she wishes to defeat.

The second story is to be called “Not a Love Story” and fits in the Romance category. This is about o an upper class girl living Chicago who meets a charming yet tormented boy caught amongst gang conflicts. It’s like a memoires from the point of view of the girl, who tells the reader about the series of tragedies that untied the two, and then split them apart.

The third story fits into the YA category. It is about a shy girl who has vivid dreams of another universe that is the opposite of her own lonely existence. She has loving friends, and goes on adventures, magic exists, and she’s always so bold and brave! When the price of her dream world goes missing, the girl begins to see things from her dream world seep into the real one. Also, she notices the mysterious behavior of her mysterious uncle has increased greatly.

The fourth and the fifth are very vague ideas based on characters. One story is about a mermaid who wishes to walk on land and explore the world of land. The other story is about a kind, soft spoken boy named Vartan. I have the vague idea that Vartan is troubled by dreams that lead him to approach one of the popular girls at his school. This could possibly have to do with Norse mythology.

Critiquing experience

Nope, I am a newbie

Are you pursuing publication?

I’m not sure yet.

What I want in an awesome Critique Partner

Deep critique. I am experienced with critiquing., Regular feedback

The type of structure you like

Casual exchange, no deadlines

How often can you give & receive feedback?


What is your writing experience?

I usually write for fun, but someday I’d love to be published. But, I’m young and being a writer required a great deal of luck. I write when the muses are kind to me, which is to say, I write at random throughout the month.

My writing influences are...

I’m weird so I have two writing styles. One of these styles, the one I use most often, is poetic without being to sort, The other is rather blunt and humorous. I usually find it easier to write in something other than first person, so that my personality and the personality of my main character do not mingle. One of the current authors I most admire is Maggie Stiefvater. Though not always, I enjoy mixing elements from mythology (especially Celtic and Nordic) and fairy tales into my plots.

Books I enjoy reading

I love fantasy, which usually leads to YA type books. I like to see deep meaning and adventure more than romance, however. I especially like plots that have to do with prophesy or destiny.

Links to your blog or writing

I usually do not publish my writing (I’m shy). Though I do like to participate in literate Role Plays. This is a like to one of my previous accounts that has several examples of my writing. I would prefer a potential critique partner ask for a writing sample.

More About Me

Hello everyone! You may call me Ana Maria, or Ana, Maria, Ann, An Marie, Marie, or The Wicked Witch of the West. Just anything but Ana Banana or Annie. I’m clearly not a banana, nor am I a redheaded singing orphan. Laugh, it should be funny. Laugh.

No laugh? Fine. Anyway, I’m currently a student living in Texas with my parents, pets, and psychotic neighbors. I enjoy reading, dealing with the metaphysical, playing my harp, and quite obviously, writing. I’m also a child a of the muses, and artist of all forms. I enjoy Celtic and Nordic traditions and myth.

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