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I currently need an on going critique partner for my Shorts-off erotica stories. These are short stories based off of social taboos I write once a month. They are typically 10, 000 words each.

I’d love to critique what ever story you may have in exchange. I’m great at pointing out plot holes, reader input, and brainstorming but I’m not so much on the perfect English, spelling type of critique. I’ll push you to make your stories better, but I need help on my grammar myself. I can pick out the obvious. Just not the technical side of English.

For me, crit partners are invaluable. I don’t care if you have different styles of writing, different opinions of writing, different methods, and opposite plot methods. Each one of my crit partners I cherish. Even the ones that don’t “get” me. Even the ones that want to reword everything, change all the structure, and correct my intentional misspellings. Why? Because they are giving me a completely different point of view.

I am secure in my writing, my internal concept of my voice is strong but I’m open to learn from everyone. I’ve had scores of my writing red crossed, and I welcome that. I know other people don’t–I’m aware it may look like a ravenous snake obliterating your words. But I like to see what doesn’t work for other people, understand where they are coming from with their comments and decide whether I want to change it or not.

None of it is a waste of time because I got the benefit of looking at the same piece through different eyes and the crit partner got to learn how they would or would not “do” a scene, construct a sentence or term a phrase from an example of my writing. When I take on a crit partner, I’m their student. When I crit, I’m their teacher. Taking critique is an art form of leaving emotional attachment behind for me. I do not get offended if people strip out passages of text. I can leave it or not. Only I can really see the reason for each sentence, each word, just as only you can see the reason for each passage of your writing. Sometimes I might not get it until several passages later and that may be what you want. Even that is helpful to point to and say, “Aha! I’m making her feel this way…awesome let me twist the knife now.”

If I know what the goal is for the chapter, story or character I can help you in that I can say you’ve achieved the goal by me. I love getting feedback just on general all-around “feel” of the story. And almost anything that comes to mind. But you must promise me to take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Look at all my comments as a plea to understand you and the story. Realize that I’m trying to both read as a fan and edit with a shrewd mind trying to make a scene the way you want the reader to feel. For me, my crit partners help me create my worlds, help me focus on discrepancies I’ve overlooked, and shape the story just as much as I have.

Critiquing experience

I am a seasoned pro!

Are you pursuing publication?

I am already published

What I want in an awesome Critique Partner

Deep critique. I am experienced with critiquing., One time only feedback., Regular feedback

The type of structure you like

Casual exchange, no deadlines

How often can you give & receive feedback?


What is your writing experience?

Self-published and rather excited about the whole process. I am a publisher and have published one other author’s works, and will publish another author’s work in May 2013. I can manage about 5, 000 words in one sitting. When I’m not doing publishing/marketing for myself or my authors.

My writing influences are...

Les Edgerton, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Carolyn Jewel, Terry Goodkind, Patricia Briggs, Carrie Vaughn

Books I enjoy reading

Atlas Shrugged to Kitty and the Midnight hour. I read a lot of fantasy, some historical and unless it’s something about writing, all fiction.

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More About Me

Writer, Reader, Horse Trainer and Administrative Assistant in that order. Every. Word. Counts. I’ve met many talented people and have a great time discussing methods. Les Edgerton is the single most effective teacher that I have come across and recommend him highly. Tell me a book you’ve read and then tell me why I should read it!

I’ve been a dressage trainer since 1998. My specialty is starting young horses that are responsible, have manners to keep their owners on their backs, and know how to have fun so they never tire of the rider/horse bond. You’ll find me on “Gunny” a 19 hand Shire that I cruise around in the Santa Monica trails with if I’m not in the ring with a student.

I love being an Administrative Assistant! Organization is key! Communication is pinnacle and working as a team keeps me going back to the same bat place at the same bat time!

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From Jody Hedlund!

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