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Notes of a Neurotic (chick lit novel that looks at Friendship, loyalties, revenge and whether you can ever really escape the past)
You’ve got the life of your dreams – until tragedy brings it all crashing down…Amy Anderson re-made herself from a geeky teenager into the image of modern woman, with a career in glossy magazines, a devoted boyfriend and a flatmate who was her best friend. Then it all fell apart – spectacularly, painfully and forever.
When Amy’s bets friends boyfriend Matt dies in a horrific road accident, Amy keeps the reasons behind his death to herself. She lives with the knowledge that if it had not been for her suspicions –when hearing noises coming from a bedroom and concluding that her own boyfriend Hugh was cheating on her – then she would not have walked in on Matt having sex with another woman, prompting him to run out of the house in panic and straight into oncoming traffic. Amy has lives with the guilt for years. Her inability to trust men, shackled with the guilt of Matt’s death has turned her into a nervous wreck, incapable of trusting anyone.
So when James Temple enters her life she has to decide if she can let him in. Will he break her heat like men seem to do? Or will she push away the man who could really be ‘the one?’ But Amy, unbeknown to her, has more important things to worry about. With the appearance of old friend Heidi, Amy is about to learn that Heidi is seeking revenge – and is going to hack away at Amy’s insecurities in order to get it.

Critiquing experience

I am a seasoned pro!

Are you pursuing publication?

Yes, I’m serious about getting published

What I want in an awesome Critique Partner

Encouragement & support as as I am new to critiquing

The type of structure you like

Enforced structure and deadlines

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What is your writing experience?

I am ajournalist who writes for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Grazia and Glamour.

My writing influences are...

Harriet Evans, Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell, Tilly Bagshawe

Books I enjoy reading

One day.

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More About Me

Ive currently got an agent in the UK but have been rejected by so many publsihers I dont know what to do with myself. So, I’ve vowed to make this book the one that makes it….which is where I need your help!

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