7 Questions. 3 Tips | The Spectacular Jen Daiker, of Unedited

7 Questions. 3 Tips | The Spectacular Jen Daiker, of Unedited

In case you’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her, Jen Daiker is the supreme blogging master over at Unedited.

From her bio: “People call me crazy, but I call myself a writer.” What do you say about that, fellow lovely writers?!

Next year, she will release a collection of short stories titled Snowbound Hearts, Valentine Delights, Spellbound Hearts, Anthologies – coming early 2012 from Still Moments Publishing. I for one cannot wait. I tracked her down, in between writing a gazillion words a day, blogging frantically and consuming a cocktail or three, for her 7 quick fire questions and 3 tips (a new feature on the LWC blog). Enjoy!

1. City or Countryside? Countryside

2. Pumpkin or Pie? Can I choose, Pumpkin Pie?

3. Favorite day of the week? Tuesday

4. Combination of men to create your dream man? Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds (Oh, my husband too) 
5. If I gave you a superpower, what would it be? To apparate (JK Rowling is the bomb)

6. Would You Rather… Give up your computer or your car? Computer

7. Somewhere you would rather be right now? Jamaica

3 Expert Tips!

Jen, you write and maintain a superbly excellent and incredibly active blog. Many of the LWC members have been asking recently about how they can create an great blog with an awesome following. Can you give us three concrete suggestions that we should all be doing in order to be half as good as Unedited?

*blushes* You’re putting me on the spot here! Just know, that should anyone have questions or concerns about starting a blog or just want to chat about something they can’t do, my email is always open. I’ve helped several bloggers, because when I started, they helped me. Now onto the tips.

1. Connect:

A blogger doesn’t want to know that you ‘liked’ their post. This isn’t facebook. When you stop by, talk to them. They’re your friends (at least they become one through conversation). It is here you build a platform. Those who feel a connection with you will support you in whatever venture or road you travel down. The important thing is to always stay connected, even if it’s taken off the blog and onto email. I may not be able to visit all who stop by my blog but they know I appreciate their words.

2. Content:

Bloggers have THOUSANDS of blogs to choose from. If you want them to choose yours you need to stay true to yourself. I believe in finding a niche, yours is probably writing if you’re reading this post. Since it is, utilize the skill set you’ve learned and teach it to others. Even experienced writers benefit from reading a blog, they may missed something they never realized. Now, my blog is a mix of comedy and writing tips. If you are not an overly funny person (especially via the web) steer clear of trying to be funny. NEVER be something you’re not. If your sweet & kind that comes through.

Side tip: Keep your posts short and simple! Ask a question at the end of the post to allow the reader to want to post something. (I keep mine under 400 words).  

3. Have fun:

If you’re not a blogger and have no desire to open one, DON’T. It will show. You hear people tell you that agents and publishers look at web presence, though this is true to an extent, it’s your writing at the end that will make the difference. If you’re only working to maintain your blog and never writing a good story, what was it for in the first place? Blog for you… when you notice people stop by, blog for them.

If you want to see a blog done well, head over to Unedited and check her out putting all this advice into action. Thanks Jen so much for the time and tips!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Should anyone need blogging tips or just a simple question, don’t hesitated to shoot me an email (if you’re more of a lurker), or ask in the comments below!

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