7 quick-fire questions, 3 Expert Tips with Kim Arbor, author of His Wife & Daughters.

7 quick-fire questions, 3 Expert Tips with Kim Arbor, author of His Wife & Daughters.

Kim Arbor is a San Francisco writer with an MFA and a serious addiction to gummy bears. When she’s not busy writing you’ll find her haunting the coffee houses of North Beach, exploring the city’s stairway streets and chasing cable cars that climb halfway to the stars.

We asked Kim, author of ‘His Wife and Daughters’, for her 7 Quick Fire Questions & 3 Expert Tips. Find out more about the book, which is available now, below!

7 quick-fire questions


1. Red wine or white wine? A big yes to BOTH, and rosé as well. Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Petite Syrah, Sangiovese, you name it! My character Jill in His Wife and Daughters is a big foodie/wine gal and so am I.

2. Dogs or Cats? Again, both. But I’m a bit partial to cats since I’ve been living with one for about five years. Every night she rounds up my husband and I and puts us to bed.

3. Favorite month of the year? May. It’s my birthday month (yay Geminis!) and the weather in the San Francisco Bay Area is usually good at that time.

4. Contemporary author you’d most like to have dinner with?  Jennifer Egan.

5. What is the last film you saw? Young Adult. Loved it.

6. Top New Year’s Resolution for 2012? To spend more time writing and less time on promotion. (Yeah, right.)

7. What’s your dream vacation? Winter in San Francisco, spring in Paris, summer in Maui, autumn in Manhattan—every year.


3 Expert Tips!


1. Join a Critique Group. Guess, I’m preaching to the choir here at Ladies Who Critique, but it’s SO important to have fresh eyes and fresh constructive criticism on your manuscript. Don’t just look for people who are going to say how great you are—find out where your novel needs help! And don’t hesitate to get advice from published novelists who teach or offer manuscript consulting.

2. Network With, but Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Writers. Back in the day I put together a group of women writers I met online who lived nearby. We gathered together not to read each other’s work, but to discuss the business of writing and our latest struggles in trying to get published and beyond. At first it was difficult because most everyone had an agent except me. But instead of comparing myself to them and feeling sorry for myself I tried to learn everything I could from them and it paid off. Realize that every writer’s path is different and you’ll feel better about your own journey.

3. Revise Revise Revise. During your revision process read your work out loud, read it from your computer screen, print it out and read it from a hard copy. Then have a good reader read it aloud to you. You’ll be amazed at what you discover and how this will clarify future rewrites.

His Wife and Daughters by Kim Arbor

Trina Brath and her teenage daughters, Jill and Phoebe, lead happy and privileged lives as the wife and daughters of successful five-term California Congressman Dan Brath. But all that changes when Dan, 52, is suspected of having an affair with Lesley Chisholm, a nineteen-year-old Washington DC intern who has gone missing. Soon Dan Brath is being accused in the harsh media spotlight of not only sleeping with Lesley Chisholm, but responsible for her disappearance.

Despite Trina’s standing by her husband and insisting he is not a murderer—yet keeping the secret that he has cheated on her many times before—the incessant media scrutiny puts a strain on the family, causing their lives to go into a tailspin.
Eight months later, when Lesley mysteriously returns home safe and sound, Dan Brath’s career is over, and his family is in tatters.


The scandal that rocked the Brath family continues to take its toll. Amid media reports of new political sexploits almost every week, it’s a handy reference point for a gossip-hungry public. Besides her trust issues with men, Jill self-medicates with food. Phoebe leads a self-destructive life, having been estranged from the family for years. And Trina, who continues to blame Lesley Chisholm for the family’s financial and career misfortunes, maintains a codependent relationship with her husband.

To make matters worse, Lesley Chisholm is breaking her silence with a tell-all memoir—a book Trina is trying to stop—which is sure to make Dan Brath’s wife and daughters relive the trauma all over again. Will Jill, Trina and Phoebe be able to cope, heal their wounds and move on with their lives?

Told from the viewpoints of the three women, His Wife and Daughters is a moving story of how one family attempts to survive the ultimate betrayal.

Read the first chapter of His Wife and Daughters here.

His Wife and Daughters is available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon.

and a Nook e-book at Barnes and Noble.

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