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7 Quick Fire Questions and 3 Tips with Melinda Morgan, author of Étude (YA) GIVEAWAY ALERT!!

7 Quick Fire Questions and 3 Tips with Melinda Morgan, author of Étude (YA) GIVEAWAY ALERT!!

Today’s Quick Fire Questions & 3 Tips are with Melinda Morgan, YA author of Étude! Étude is written for an older YA audience, has nothing to do with vampires, but builds upon the foundation of horror fantasy addressed by Ms. Meyers in her successful Twilight series. Sound like your thing? Leave a comment by this Friday 6th April and be in with a chance to win a copy of the book!

 7 Quick Fire Questions

1. Dream job/career when you were a child? 

Interestingly enough, I actually had imaginary careers in each room of my house growing up (fortunately it was a small house).  In one room I was an actress.  In other rooms I was a teacher, businesswoman, doctor, and civil engineer.  For a while, teacher and actress were tied for 1st place, but in the end, teacher won (best of both worlds – sometimes you have to be a great actor in order to be a great teacher!)

 2. Favorite TV show?

 If it’s a British mystery, I’m all in!  But this year my favorite TV show was “Downton Abbey.”  The only thing better than a British mystery is an old fashioned British romance.

 Modern Family comes in 2nd.  It’s a well-known fact that belly laughing is good exercise for the mind and the body.  I consider watching Modern Family equal to 20 minutes of exercise.


3. Favorite dish/cuisine?

 Well, that depends on what day of the week it is.  Tuesday was made for Rosa’s tacos.  Friday–Panda Express.  Saturday–barbecue.  Sunday–fried chicken.  The remaining three days?  Salads, fruits and vegetables (to make up for all the calories consumed on the other days)   

4. Beach or mountains?

 Is that a trick question?  Depends on the beach and on the mountains.  It also depends on the time of year.  Ah, here you go, how about mountains that overlook the ocean?  Perfect!  


5. Proudest moment?

 Wow, that’s a tough one.  There are several.  Graduating from college as a single mother with four young children is right at the top of the list.  Still, two events rank even higher:  The first was when my oldest daughter graduated from college.  She had to pay her own way & work full time, and at the end of her graduation ceremony, she presented me with the Brigham Young University Sash of Appreciation.  It was a moment I will treasure forever.  The second was when my son returned home from serving a two-year mission in Peru.  I was so very proud of him for having the desire and determination to hold fast to his dream.

6. Pet peeve?

Hahaha….where do I begin?  I live in Southern California, so driving in traffic has got to be on the list.  Especially people who insist on driving slow in the fast lane.  What is up with that?  

Another of my pet peeves – and this ranks right there at the top – are people who insist on a career in teaching when they clearly do not like kids.  

7. 3 everyday items you couldn’t live without

  1. Gum. Extra Peppermint please.  I detest bad breath!
  2. iPhone 4. It’s music, books, e-mail, family photos, and the Internet all rolled into one awesome little instrument.  iPad comes in 2nd place only because I haven’t figured out how to text on it yet.  Once I figure that out, the iPad will top my iPhone.
  3. A piano.  It’s in my soul.
  4. If push comes to shove and you tell me I only get 3 items, then I guess my laptop will trump my iPhone/iPad.  I have to be able to write!


3 Expert Tips for writing a novel with a specific audience in mind: 


1. Have a purpose for writing your novel.  I mean, a real, underlying message you want to send to your audience, and don’t lose sight of that purpose as you write.  


2. Do not ignore the inspiration gods.  Many nights, I sat down to write with no preconceived idea of what was going to happen next.  I had no clue how to get from point A to point B.  On those nights, I put my fingers to the keyboard and listened!  Every time I did this, I discovered that my characters would write the story for me.


3. Make your characters three-dimensional—and stay true to them.  Multi-layered characters are more interesting and more realistic, and as a result, your audience will form a deeper connection with them.  Etude is essentially a romance, but because of the many layers in the plot and in the characters, it crosses over into an array of genres.  Beth Arrington is not only the protagonist in Etude who is solving a mystery while battling evil intruders; she is also a gifted pianist with a disability, and girl who is trying to make sense of the connection between religion and science.  She also has an awesome sense of humor!


A review by The Midwest Book Review states: “The
world as we know it can be quickly shattered and
changed. Étude is a novel following Beth
Arrington, a high school senior preparing to face
the real world, as she moves to a small Wyoming
town. As she begins, enraptured with romance and
music, her happiness seems short lived as the
reaper circles overhead and brings truth about her
life to her. Étude is the first entry into the
supernatural Birthright Legacy series for young
adults, and proves to be an intriguing and
recommended read.”

Leave a comment below for your chance to win the book! Paperback if winner is within the US,  otherwise a digital copy will be delivered for international winners).

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14 thoughts on “7 Quick Fire Questions and 3 Tips with Melinda Morgan, author of Étude (YA) GIVEAWAY ALERT!!

  1. Melinda Morgan

    Just want to say “Thanks!!” for the opportunity to share Etude with your readers. I also want to say how pleased I am that so many have taken the time to leave a comment. For those who have not read the book yet, I hope they will enjoy reading it and that you will come to love the characters as much as I do. Thanks again for all the encouraging comments and recommendations.

  2. I’m excited to read this…in fact, I’m going to add it to my Goodreads account now. The book sounds interesting and I was inspired by her life story. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I started to read this book and found that I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Breakfast, lunch and dinner came and went and I could not be pulled away. I realize that it just came out but I seriously cannot wait to read what happens next. The story flows so naturally, the characters are intriguing and all facets of the supernatural occurrences are explained in the most sensible and detailed fashion. Etude has opened my eyes to all realms of possibilities. I want to follow Beth through time and back.

  4. The book was amazing! It is so captivating ~ I did not want to put it down. The final scene is still imprinted on my mind and my only frustration is that I have to wait for the sequel…! So much is involved in the story line that has such incredible depth; it really makes the reader think, but does so in such a relaxed way. Etude is a must read!

  5. How fun! I like characters with layers and being a mystery novel with a female protagonist should be good enough having grown up on an almost unhealthy quota of Nancy Drews – but what compels me to get Etude is the author’s personality that’s just jumping out of the pages at me. Would love to see how she writes.

  6. She sounds like such an awesome Author! Cant wait to read the book/series when it comes out!! Love the plot of her story, very mysterious but romantic at the same time. Ahhh I cant wait to read it!! 🙂

  7. I have been waiting a while to read this book. My son had come home from school one day and told me his teacher was writing a book and that we had to purchase it. Now the day is near and I cannot wait!!!!

  8. I have read this book and I LOVE IT! It is my favorite book! I have read the Twilight Series and the Hunger Games Series and this absolutely rises above! The characters have depth and are all likeable (besides the bad ones of course) and the romance and relationships are REALISTIC which is one of the reasons I found this book attractive. It kept me interested all throughout and I believe anyone can relate to it! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!!! <3

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