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Are You Writing 750 Words Per Day? It’s as Easy as 1,2, 750.

Ever wish that someone was there to keep an eye on you, switch off Twitter and Facebook and literally give you points for getting to MAKING you write each day?


Image Courtesy of missionimprovisational.blogspot.com

 Well HELLO and a very warm welcome to the supremely cool website, 750 Words.




 Inspired by an exercise in the book An Artist’s Way that suggests that if you can get into the habit of writing 750 words (or 3 pages) daily, then your mind will be clear, your juices will be a-flowing, and you will write some awesome stuff for the rest of the day.


 As stated on the website “it’s a daily brain dump”.


The really cool thing about it is it holds you accountable. If you wish, it will send you daily reminders nagging at you to write. It will track your progress, give you points for writing, time you, even ask what your mood is and make pretty graphs for you to look at afterwards. For those of us that need a little pat on the back from time to time, and yes, a little motivation, 750 words is a great tool.

 Plus, anything that gets us writing in the first place (and let’s us put the laundry, housework, email on the back burner) is a winner in my book.

You get congratulated when you reach your 750 word aim, though of course you can keep writing long after reaching it:



 And you get a little funky graph showing you how long it took to complete:

You can see a calendar with days checked off for when you’ve participated:


And if that wasn’t enough, here is the best bit. It analyzes your writing, mood and other stats at the end of your completed passage, and gives you little geeky stats. Check mine out:



And… the words I use the most:

I’m sold! And looking forward to making 750 words a regular part of my writing day. What do you think, have you tried 750 words? Is it something you think would motivate you to start writing everyday?

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