What’s It All About?

Ladies Who Critique is a place where any writer looking to find a supportive critique partner/ beta reader can find a compatible match (or several). We are here for writers of all levels – published, unpublished, agented, unagented, aspiring, hobbyists, closet writers or complete newbies! There are no requirements for Ladies Who Critique membership (except that you should be 16 +) and it is completely free – and always will be. Here’s how to get started:


hc-styled-stock-photography-2016-april-mindfulness-2-FINAL1. Sign up, create a profile, join your preferred genre group, browse members and when you see someone who catches your attention, contact another writer for your ‘first date’ (this usually involves switching up a few chapters to see if you are compatible).


2. The details of how and how often you will critique with your partner are then left up to you. Ladies Who Critique simply provides a place where writers wanting critique can find – and be found by – potential critique partners. It’s run by two volunteers and is not for profit, so we depend upon our community to police themselves. So far it’s worked out great, and many a positive critiquing relationship have been born! Please keep in mind our limited resources.
So take a look around the site, sign up and find your next critique partner. It’s great to have you here!


Meet The Founder

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Laura Pepper Wu is the author of five non-fiction books, the co-founder of the ‘book studio’ 30 Day Books and the Editor at The Write Life Magazine

She has extensive experience in the self publishing and digital book industry as well as in book marketing and promotions. Last year she finished the manuscript of her first fiction, which she intends to query to traditional publishers later this year.

The book would be nowhere without her great writers group and critique partners who gave her the support (and kick up the ass) to finish it!