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Looking for a new website or blog? Authorlicious might be just what you need.

Looking for a new website or blog? Authorlicious might be just what you need.

Hello there!


You may or may not know that my *real* job is working with authors on their book marketing and promotions.  


Part of that used to mean designing and developing websites for authors to promote themselves, and their books on. 


Well, while I think we did a great job building custom sites, it was of course expensive for authors. So, we racked our brains on how we could offer an affordable solution for authors to have a website that THEY could manage and update, that looked fantastic, and that was designed to help sell them more books.


Today we are officially introducing the Authorlicious WordPress website theme!


Q. So what is Authorlicious?


A. A WordPress Theme for self-published authors to maximize their book sales, Mini-Tutorials to help authors control every aspect of their site, a Community & More!


How we stumbled upon the idea


Brandon and I have been working in self-publishing and with indie authors for nearly 3 years. We saw a big problem.


1) Authors had a website that they could use to blog/ update a little, but it made them look unprofessional and did not help them to sell books.


2) Authors had a beautiful, professional site, but it cost them the earth, AND they didn’t know how to update or control it.


We first started talking to developers about the idea in December 2011. We saw a real need for it, but wanted to make sure we had the right team working on it.


We interviewed a bunch of folk from around the Seattle area, and as soon as we met with the team we eventually hired, we knew this was going to be amazing! Development started in January, our beta launch was in early August, and today – TODAY! – is our official launch day.


*Raising my glass at ya!*


Why was there a need for this?


There are a ton of great WordPress themes available out there – both free and paid – but nothing that catered for the self-published author website in the way we wanted it to.


A good author website should showcase the author as a professional, display our books prominently, drive sales through simple navigation, allow us to interact and engage with our readers, and attract press and media.


On top of that, we realized that not everyone is comfortable with maintaining and updating their sites. Since I used to be in that boat myself, I know the frustration it can lead to. You just want to fix a typo on your homepage, or the size of an image in the sidebar, but it can take hours (hours!) of trying. Authorlicious comes with 30+ mini video tutorials that cover all aspects of WordPress, so you can dive in and find the answer to any trouble you’re having on your site right away.


Oh, and if you’re still having trouble, Brandon and I are here to answer your questions via email for 1 year after purchase! Customer service is a big deal to us. We’re here to help.


Here’s what we got for you:


– A beautiful WordPress theme designed by both indie authors and book marketers for indie authors and book marketers.

– 30+ Mini video tutorials (all hosted online) to teach you how simple-to-use WordPress is, and all of the awesome features of the theme!

– A full year of email support from Laura & Brandon at 30 Day Books plus a forum to meet other indie authors on.


(Bonus! If you purchase Authorlicious during 2012 and use one of our preferred hosting companies, we’ll even set up your hosting and domain accounts for you for $0!)


Want to know more?

If you’ve been looking for a new website, or if you want to upgrade your WordPress site to a better-suiting theme, check out a preview of the Authorlicious theme and tutorial package. And feel free to email me with any questions! laura (at) ladieswhocritique.com. I know the world of websites can be confusing, and I want to make sure that I answer your questions as thoroughly as possible.




– Laura

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