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Best Writing Links from around the Web! 4/27

Enjoy these writing links and get inspired to get down to business!



– Laura


1.       Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Writing Sessions – The Write Session

Tips from Tina Blain, an expert in helping authors finish their projects on how to get the most fromtheir writing sessions.

2.        How to Write A Novel Without Selling Your Soul – The Creative Penn

Are you a pantser or a planner? You don’t have to sell your soul either way.

3.       Character Trait Entry: Persistent – The Bookshelf Muse

Learn what a persistent character is and how to create a successful one.

4.       Ask An Editor: Theresa Stevens’ Line Editing Series – Romance University

A wonderful series of articles on content and line editing. Watch a professional editor dissect real work.

5.       How To Build Strong Foundations Underneath Your Dreams – Courage 2 Create

Speaking the truth about your dreams is the best way to cure a writer’s block.

6.       Lighting Up Your Storytelling With Flashbulb Memories – The Artist’s Road

Use a “flashbulb memories” to write your next short story or even novel.

7.       How to Create Distinctive Character Voices – Wordplay

Are all your characters speaking like you? For great characterization you have to make sure each one has his or her own unique personality easily distinguishable from the others.

8.       15 Ways to Write Tight – Write to Done

The one thing Ernest Hemingway, Chris Brigan and other great writers have in common is that they all write tight. You can too if you follow these points.

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One thought on “Best Writing Links from around the Web! 4/27

  1. Woot! Thanks for the shout out, Laura! And it’s nice to be mentioned among some really great posts. Can’t wait to check the rest out.

    Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

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