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Betty White, Bedtime Stories & The Best Audio Books!

Betty White, Bedtime Stories & The Best Audio Books!

Recently it’s been the same thing every night. These days I’m working 12- 14 hour days and my eyes are tired from a long day in front of the computer. I want to read and write (desperately!) but my poor little peepers need a rest. So I’ve been on the quest to find something that relaxes me and allows me to switch off that doesn’t involve resorting to my Hulu + subscription. (Anyone obsessed with Hot in Cleveland? I’m a HUGE Betty White fan and she is such fun in that show!)


Yes, please, I’d like to look THAT good at 90 years old. Image courtesy of http://betty-white-fans.blogspot.com/

I listen to This American Life regularly, and often fall asleep to Ira Glass’s entertaining stories (contradiction much?). I will occasionally put on the Japanese radio and feel nostalgic for my life in Japan and practice my rusty Japanese listening. But what I want more than both of these things is a bedtime story.


 Remember those? Listening to someone else reading you a story that you are free to create the visuals to in your mind? Free to dream up the characters’ looks, the setting, the colors, the feel? It’s sort of like the opposite of the silent movie where you imagine the voices of the characters and the sounds of the story. Either way I think there is an added excitement to the story because of the extra investment that the listener/ watcher is forced to make.

Image courtesy of writingsofmaria.com

I think it’s WONDERFUL that listening to audio is becoming cool again and more and more available – publishers are jumping on the bandwagon and bringing out audio books close to the release date of paperbacks. You can even download samples of the book to check you like the reader’s voice. This is AWESOME!




Check out some of the books you could be drifting off to sleep with tonight:

Best-sellers on Audible.com


1. The Hunger Games (books 2 & 3 are also available)









2. Steve Jobs








3. The Help








4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson








5. The Paris Wife: A Novel, Paula McLain









There is a great selection of Audiobooks on Amazon.com, & Barnes & Noble.com and Audible.com (who offer a free trial for 14 days!).

Which audio books have you enjoyed? Have you been disappointed with any of the adaptations? And which titles are you looking forward to listening to? Leave a comment!

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5 thoughts on “Betty White, Bedtime Stories & The Best Audio Books!

  1. Tracey, I’m with you on this one. As a musician I rarely listen to books on tape (unless my interest is really in the reader – ie Alan Rickman). Like you also I read transcripts and pause the videos. I’ve also found that it is almost impossible to get a self published book on audible. Frustrating.

  2. I love audiobooks. I listen to them a lot. Most of my non-romance “reading” is audiobooks. I listen in the car and when I’m cleaning the house. I wouldn’t have the time to keep up with all the books I want to read otherwise.

  3. I’m a musician and love to listen to music (and usually DO have music on). But I have never gotten into audio books. I love to read and prefer to visual experience, and the ability to pause and think, or skim, adjusting the pace. I think maybe it’s more the pacing than just the visual, as I absolutely HATE it when I follow a link (e.g. on a news site) and get a video where I have to sit while someone talks, when I could read the transcript in a fraction of the time.

  4. I’ve never actually listened to an audio book … But I read yesterday on Mediabistro that sales for downloaded audiobooks are up 25% compared to last year. With hardcover and pback sales down, it’s interesting to see eBooks and audio thriving.

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