‘Command Your Brand’, a Guest Post by Joanne DeMaio, Whole Latte Life

‘Command Your Brand’, a Guest Post by Joanne DeMaio, Whole Latte Life

Joanne DeMaio, author of Whole Latte Life shares her wisdom on commanding your brand
in the post below. Great – and important – topic!

Take it away Joanne! – Laura


They say there’s room on the shelf for everyone, no matter what the craft. Books, fashion design, paintings, recipes, songs. And there is, but if you are one of many, you can get lost in that crowd rather than rise above it. It’s important to find your own niche, your own identifiable trait within your work, and accentuate it so that the trait becomes your brand. You are recognized because of it.

Like these sunflowers. They not only rise above the crowd of flowers, they practically rise above the house! They have several distinguishing traits, but their truly identifiable one? Definitely height. What other flower rises to this soaring level? And the gardener here has played-up this trait to effectively draw an audience.


I refer to my debut novel Whole Latte Life as coffee-branded women’s fiction.  I’m all about the coffee and what it stands for.  Readers relate to its energy, its comfort, and the life questions we mull over a fresh-brewed cup.  So you’ll see coffee winds its way into much of my work:  I’ve brought it to my websites, my social networking, and yes, even my novel’s cover.

So branding is useful in helping you rise above the crowd in an identifiable way.  And as the artist you must first define your unique brand. So let’s do a little branding today. This gardener sold us on the flowers’ height …

What about “you” will you market? In a query, in a pitch, in a craft show, on your blog, at an exhibit, on the bookshelf, what will be your identifiable brand?

 I hope you’ll share your thoughts in the Comments, and thanks Laura for hosting me today.

Coffee Cheers 🙂 ~Joanne 




Joanne DeMaio is an author of contemporary women’s fiction, blending family,
coffee and friendship on the page.  Her novel Whole Latte Life is an Amazon best seller
in Women’s Fiction-Friendship as well as a Kirkus Reviews Critics’ Pick. 

Find out more about the book on her website, and see it on Amazon.com here!

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One thought on “‘Command Your Brand’, a Guest Post by Joanne DeMaio, Whole Latte Life

  1. What a lovely cover! Absolutely love it.
    Branding is tricky. You could easily go overboard. But if there was one thing I would market about myself it would be my love for everything Irish! Dunno why I ahve always had this fascination for the place – the castles, shamrocks, leprechauns, music … it’s all so magical.

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