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Confused about the role of Twitter in Author Marketing? Try this guide

Confused about the role of Twitter in Author Marketing? Try this guide

The Twitter Guide for Authors – 3rd Edition by Dana Lynn Smith is designed to help authors understand and use Twitter as a powerful tool in their marketing efforts.

From Dana’s website: “Networking on Twitter is terrific way to meet and develop relationships with potential customers as well as other authors, experts, and key influencers in your field or genre. But, Twitter can be baffling at first, and many authors don’t understand how to use this powerful tool to its full potential.”

I was sent a copy for review from Dana and here are my thoughts: (*The review was complimentary but I received no compensation for this review*)

The guide is a great introduction for Twitter newbies, or anyone who doesn’t have a good grasp of how powerful Twitter can be for authors marketing their work online.

The guide starts out with an Introduction to Online Marketing, including the invaluable 9 Common Mistakes that Authors Make, as well as some tips on branding and managing privacy online, something that is a real concern in the Internet age.

There is a great section on networking on Twitter – how to find people to follow as well as attract followers which can be tricky for first-time Twitter users.

Something that I still find confusing even after a year on Twitter is the use of lists, but Dana clarifies how and when to use them in her very useful explanation.

– One of the things that many new Twitter users struggle with in the beginning (and it can take a while to get right) is what exactly to tweet about. Dana gives us some good tips and examples of what to, and what not to, say.

– Finally, the action plan in the final section is great for ensuring that one goes through all of the necessary steps from creating a Twitter account and profile to tweeting and networking effectively. This is a great time saver, as without a clear action plan, Twitter can be a huge timesuck just understanding how it works.

If you have been thinking about using Twitter as part of your Marketing strategy but are unsure as to where to begin or how it would ever benefit your sales, I recommend Dana’s Twitter Guide for Authors as an up to date and comprehensive introduction.


The 62 page eBook (PDF) is available for $15, along with 3 bonuses (an audio guide and 2 free reports). Find out more on Dana’s website, Book Marketing Maven. To find out more about Dana’s other social media guides, check out this page.

To put your new found Twitter skills into practice, follow Dana on Twitter @bookmarketer.

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