Critique Partner Wanted Listings! 3/26 –

Critique Partner Wanted Listings! 3/26 –


Taken from the LWC forums, as well as personal messages I receive each month. If I missed you, leave a comment or feel free to leave a request on the facebook page:


Happy Critiquing!


@laurenmckellar  YA Novella


I am currently looking for feedback on a second draft of my YA novella. I am more than happy to swap, or just receive feedback on any level, from line by line editorial to big scale feedback.

The story line is based on a teenage girl who makes all the wrong choices to avoid facing the truth.

Genre is drama with a slice of romance on the side.

I can provide feedback regularly on weekdays, but generally am unavailable on the weekends.

If you’re keen I’d love to hear from you at”


@karen Sci-fi Romance

“I’m new here and I’m looking for a critique partner. I’m writing a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi romance.

I don’t think I’ll find anyone writing the same genre, I’m interesting in swapping pages with anyone who is writing a romance that features world building or a larger than life situation surrounding the romance.”


@virginia Historical Romance

“Hi there!
I have a completed MS that is set in 1907 Manhattan. (please see my profile for more detail.)
I consider myself intermediate to advanced but would be happy to provide a writing sample.
I’m looking to critique for you in turn. I can read anything set from 1800-1910 in the romance genre.
Thank you!”


@nicolerae YA Paranormal Fiction

“Hello, I’m looking for a critique partner for my book. It is already finished but I need help polishing it to publish ready. I plan to self publish the book so as much help as someone can offer the better. I am worried about a few development points and need advice on stregnthening the ending. These are the main things I’m coned with but would appreciate a glance at grammatical elements as well. I would love to find someone with similar interests that is working on the goal of being published but obviously that isn’t requirred. I am blind and use a talking text to speech program for my computer and am capable of critiquing other peoples work. My main concern is development as I said before so ideally would like to find a partner looking for the same. My book is about a girl who discovers she is tied into the supernatural world and she doesn’t like it. She finds out she is meant to be a vampire slayer around the same time she finds out that vampires exist. Vampires have taken up residence in her small town and are threatening to send everything crashing down.”


@michelledevans YA Contemporary Fiction

I would love a fresh set of eyes on my YA Contemporary
It has been worked and critiqued and reworked… now I’d love to get some fresh eyes on it to pick up some big picture areas that could be tightened.
Or basically just give me some reader comments
I’m happy to swap
I do like to work pretty fast – I can swap the entire MS or chapters

My MS is just under 70000

A blurb… in a metaphoric kind of way…

She wanted to be known as the person she was and not who she had become. Until she was okay with who she had become. Eventually she would want to be known as who she was and not who she had been.

please email michelle dot dennis dot evans at gmail dot com”


@Becca Bernstein Women’s Fiction

After writing a “dirty” bestseller, 50ish “nice Jewish lady” Laura Bergman becomes ” that woman” who gains a reputation with kibitzing PTAmoms, the prigs from the FCCand, when she rejects a horny NYU professor equipped with “just a fireplug, ” a genitallychallenged PhD — among other pervy dates.

Believing her breasts will sink below her ankles by the time she salvages her reputation, Laura throws in the moist towelettes. She tosses the conventional image of mid-life women aside and parties on by embracing the persona of Bella, her smutty little book’s Boomer heroine, much to her teen son’s embarrassment and her octogenarian mother’s prediction she’ll become “the permanent stain on the Bergman name.”

It’s all fun and games until she’s accused of luring a rabbi with some unkosher sexual predilections to his death. Can newly liberated Laura avoid living out her later years in handcuffs that aren’t fur lined? Perhaps her part-time lawyer, married (damn!) love interest can help free her aging tushy from this ultimate shonda.

BELLA’SMISSION is my debut novel, complete at 73, 000 words. It’s a mash-up of JoanRiver’s humor and Eliot Spitzer’s taste for sexual adventure.”

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