Why Critique?

Critiquing and having a critique partner or group can help take your writing to new heights. Here are 11 of our top reasons why.


1. Accountability. A reason to write each day (Someone is waiting to read your work!)

2. Push your writing further as you go, with suggestions for improvement in your inbox.

3. Raise your spirits. Writing has it’s fair share of tough moments. There is nothing nicer than someone complimenting your last chapter to cheer you up.

4. Build your confidence. Nervous to put your work out there? Showing it to a CP is a great first step.

5. Find “your voice”. A great CP will help you to see where you are going wrong, and more importantly, where you are going right.

6. You’ll get a different point of view. Stuck, unsure about a phrase, character or storyline? Having a second opinion can help – after all two brains are better than one!



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7. A fresh pair of eyes. A beta reader or critique partner will help you see your work – which you have been too close to for too long from a fresh perspective. This makes it easy to reveal inconsistencies, plotholes or lack of description/ vital information.

8. A critique partner can help reverse writers block. And that happens to the best of us!

9. It makes the writing process less lonely. Connecting with your CP is like a virtual coffee break or lunch date.

10. A sense of support. A great CP is your biggest fan and greatest cheerleader. She can offer you advice from someone who ‘gets’ the writing world, as well as supporting your promotional efforts when the time comes to publish.

11. Having continuous, steady feedback will give you a preview of what your readers will say later. As a writer you are going to receive feedback whether you ask for it or not – from agents, publishers, editors and eventually reviews. Let your CP catch any holes or flaws in your writing first.

Bonus Reason: For those who wish to Self Publish

If you are considering self publishing, be aware that readers are repeatedly pointing out plot holes, inconsistencies, spelling errors and general problems with manuscripts that make a book look obviously ‘self published’ in their reviews. This can harm sales of a book or eBook for a long time.

Ladies Who Critique supports the digital publishing revolution and are all for self publishing and the freedom and control it gives authors who understand new media. However, it is imperative that we keep the standard of our manuscripts high, so that self publishing does not suffer a bad rap. Critique is a very different thing from editing, but having a group of critique partners – as well as a professional editor – is a crucial part of maintaining a high standard in your manuscript.

Image Courtesy of Elleinterior.se.