Golden Rules of Critiquing

1st, Our Golden Rule: Constructive Criticism

Don’t be a witch! Remember the teacher you dreaded at school because she told you when you were wrong but not why? Don’t be her. Be the teacher that sits you down, tells you the problem, and gives you ideas for a solution. Avoid being vague. Be a mentor not a meanie!


2nd: Your Comments are Suggestions

Your CP is free to use them or lose them!


3rd: Remember the Critique Sandwich – Start with Strengths, End with Strengths, Give Positive Comments Liberally.

Hearing the good stuff first begins things on a positive note and makes things easier to swallow. Short and sweet praise throughout your feedback works well. Fun! great! love! Smiley face! can balance the negative remarks you have.


Ladies Who Critique understand the Writer’s Paradox:

“A great writer must have an ego big enough to survive the challenges and struggles of writing …

and yet must be humble enough to ask for – and accept – constructive criticism and advice on a regular basis.”


For more advice on how to critique, see here.




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