Critty Girls Are Made of Awesome  | With Julie Anne Lindsey

Critty Girls Are Made of Awesome | With Julie Anne Lindsey

Guest post by Author Julie Ann Lindsey on what her Critique Girls mean to her!

I can thank twitter for my critique group. (This awesome site wouldn’t appear for another year.) One day a gorgeous Brazilian bombshell by the name of Gabriela Lessa sent me a DM asking if I wanted to join a crit group. She was looking for ladies to trade some chic lit pages with. I’ve never written chic lit, so I promptly lied and have since turned in every genre but chic lit without her complaining once. I had to take drastic measures. No way was I missing an opportunity to join a crit group!


I’m so glad she kept me. Gabi has led our group for about a year now, and she’s as amazing as ever. She’s recruited some girls who’ve come to be my closest friends. Today our group includes Christie Koester, Alaina Byers, Stephanie Campbell and Meredith Jaeger. I can’t imagine writing anything without them.


What began as a couple girls trading pages has grown into something amazing.


We trade articles and blog posts and any relevant news on publishing, sometimes personal things too. My girls and I have a vested interest in one another. When any one of us succeeds, it’s a victory to us all. We’ve worked hard to get pitches ready for conferences, queries ready for agents and manuscripts ready for editors. We’re a team.


Belonging to a critique group is the best thing I can think of for a writer.


The group will encourage you when you’re hesitant, lift you up when you’re down and generally shine sunshine up your nose if necessary to get you back on track. I know. I’ve been the recipient of more than my share of sunshine this year for sure. Oh, and dare anyone say something to make me cry. Oy! I have a posse ready to take down small cities if that would make me feel better. One girl even offered to beta a death threat letter to an editor who was especially cruel. LOL! (No death threat letter was ever written, but if it had been, I assure you it would’ve been spectacular).


Camaraderie aside, Crit groups can offer a fresh and diverse perspective to your pages.


One lady sees things another doesn’t. The varied input will enhance your work and improve your story. I get advice from my girls on grammar and punctuation, plot holes and character development. They see things I don’t and I devour every morsel of their advice. I can thank them for any successes I have.

In an industry where one in 15,000 manuscripts from an unknown writer is published each year, we need groups like this. Writers need a sounding board and a place to find comfort, bounce ideas and smile. Life without my critty girls would be much less fun and infinitely more frustrating. I was blessed by chance that Gabi saw something in my twitter feed to motivate her to reach out to me.


Now, thanks to Laura, this amazing new site is up! Ladies Who Critique is a haven to women who write.


I hope ladies will come in droves to pair up and sound off here. This is an incredible resource and I am absolutely honored to be a part of it!

Thank you so much for having me over to brag on my girls. They are the very best. If you have an opportunity, look them up. You’ll be glad you did.


**I should also mention – they critiqued this article before I ever hit send**



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11 thoughts on “Critty Girls Are Made of Awesome | With Julie Anne Lindsey

  1. I MISS my critique group. We disbanded when one of our girls had too many commitments – something about family, young kids, yada yada yada. They were my life line and I’ve floundered since then.
    Hold on to your critique partner. Sometimes they know more about you than your spouse. Scary, huh?
    Turning green with envy in Canada, Madison

  2. I am SOOOOO lucky to be in a critique group with Julie and the other fabulous ladies I’ve come to know and love. They help me with everything and give me so much moral support. Hooray for ladies who critique!! xoxox

  3. I have a similar story…
    One day Julie Ann Lindsey told me to find a crit group. LOL I am the only chick lit writer in my crit group, but I love them all so much. It is the best thing I’ve ever done for my writing. I even set up a spot on my website for other writers to share and critique each other. I owe it all to Julie. She’s brilliant…she even introduced me to several of my crit girls. Well call ourselves the “mean girls” because we don’t hold anything back. That’s how it should be, and we’re all better writers for it.

    Thanks Julie!

  4. See, that’s why Julie was kept: because I sound so much better in her words than I’d ever sound in mine! lol

    Jokes aside, one of the best things I ever did was start this group. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to find them.

    This website is such a great opportunity. Hope women will find wonderful crit girls around here!

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