Re: Anyone here from NaNoWriMo?



Thanks, Laura!

Oh, by the way, I needed to post a rant that I just wrote on the 30s-to-40s forum on the NaNo site (full text here:

“…I love my regional group, and I admit to being perkier than my MLs, but I hate, hate, HAAAAAAAAATE all the underaged fantasy genre emo kids who don’t understand why nobody wants to take their special little snowflake manuscripts seriously. (I know this because I screamed at one in our chat room last night. “Oh, I want to self-publish my novel, but the world doesn’t want to read my super special hentai steampunk Mary Sue story and nobody in my life wants to support me EXCEPT FOR YOU GUYS AND I THOUGHT YOU CARED boo hoo hoo.” Hello, you’re 16, you’re allowed to make mistakes. GROW A PAIR. Or watch Fight Club. And don’t tell me you can’t find a copy of Fight Club. You do know how to torrent, don’t you?)

Next year I’m going to lobby my MLs to push the Young Writer’s Program super hard so that we can start swearing in our chatrooms again.”

(Note: I regret being rude to that kid, but I don’t regret being realistic. And I really am serious about Fight Club. Read here:

“The people that I hate more than the emo kids are the pompous ones who think that Every Novel Must Be Important but are so busy talking about theirs and themselves that they don’t even bother talking to me when they find out that I’m writing a thriller. So I’m writing a mainstream fiction book. So I’m writing for the market. So. Fucking. What. I’m still a PhD student who needs the money, and you’re still an elitist jackass whom nobody remembers fondly. Sue me. “

And this is why I love LWC: as much as I love NaNo and all that comes with it, there are just some days when I would rather have a grown-up online conversation with serious writers, y’know? 😉

Rant over.