Re: Anyone looking for a new CP?




Are you still seeking a CP? If so, please email me at to discuss. I have two completed stories that need critique. The first is a historical novel (set in 1920’s): MC female is a young woman who believes she’ll find power/freedom through dancing. MC Male has been hired by her father (a bootlegger and politician) to protect and watch her. He falls in love with her, but she has no interest in him, at first. It’s a story of finding oneself and trusting the heart. It has twist and turns in there and hopefully some suspense.

The second story is a contemporary “chick lit” story. MC Female does some soul searching to figure out why lust is better than love. her self-inflicted therapy session recounts Mr. Long, Mr. Sirong, Mr. OMG-WTF, Mr. Maybe who leads her to Mr. Right – her BFF Colton. She encounters two problems: her own fear and Angela, Colton’s x-GF/still good friend/stalker girl. She does what any novice in the hearts and flowers world would do, turns to Lifetime TV and romance novels to figure out how to get Colton. Grand ideas in tow, she heads out to get her man.

Erica Walter ~jabberwocky3