Re: Anyone ready?



It’s really interesting to me that there are a lot of people out there who write mostly in English but speak another language at home. As an American who speaks English and a tiny bit of Spanish, it blows my mind. I have a friend who lives in Germany and she’s in the same boat. She writes and reads 100% in English so she finds people outside her friends at home to critique for her.

I know she’s planning on going the traditional route because now with the power of the Internet, it doesn’t matter what part of the globe you’re from. You can still get an agent and if you’re writing in English, all the better.

Not that I think all books should written in English of course! But if you’re shooting for that audience, it helps that you know the language.

Personally, I am planning on going the tradition route and trying to get an agent, get a publishing deal, and sell to bookstores. Mostly because I really want to see my books on shelves, and I think having an agent will help my career decisions.

But I love having the self-pub option too. I plan to self-pub some of my weirder ideas, or a fantasy series to ensure I get to write all of the books as they were meant to be written, instead of the publisher canceling the series on me mid-book.