Re: Anyone ready?


Barbara G.Tarn

Thanks all for chiming in. If anyone is ready to check my stuff, please PM me or email me at creativebarbwire (at) gmail (dot) com. If you need quick feedback, same, I’m a fast reader if not a deep critter. But if you need only an idea of pacing (kimberlyfdr), send it over and I’ll get back to you by Sunday.
A reminder of what I need feedback on (copy/pasted by another thread):
I am currently looking for Feedback on 2 short-story collections that could be read as novels as they’re sequential. Tales of the Southern Kingdoms volume 1 tells the birth of the Sect near a Pond of Dark Magic and its raise to power through sex and blood up to a couple of years before the beginning of the novel Air. Already available as free read (but there’s the edited version in the collection):
Tales of the Southern Kingdoms volume 2 starts immediately after Air and tells the slow fall of those kingdoms. Already available as free read as above:
Warning: some stories contain sex and rape of young males, do not request if it offends you! 😉 The southern kingdoms are inspired by India and Persia.