Re: Anyone ready?


Hermina Vass

@Chiaki and @jaimecallahan: I see what you mean and both of you are right. I could seek traditional deals with Serbian or Hungarian publishing houses (my mother’s tongue is Hungarian, I speak Serbian as environmental language), and at some point I might do that. But right now if I tried my head would probably explode.

I read, write, learn about writing, communicate and think in English almost 24/7. Switching back to Serbian or even Hungarian is not simple at all. And one day, when I choose to take that step it won’t be for the sake of a publishing house, but for the people around me.

Besides, I love my Kindle and I can’t wait to go down the self-publishing route. With the help of wonderful beta readers (such as yourselves), hired editors, cover designers (the investment part) etc. my stories will be worth anyone’s while. And there’s Createspace for those who like paper’s smell. 🙂