Re: Anyone ready?


Barbara G.Tarn

@Hermina I started using Lulu for POD because it has European sizes and if you choose those the shipping is cheaper in Europe (my A5 books ship from France). I did a US version for the novels and it cost me a fortune to order 5 copies…
Anyway, when you need help with Smashwords or Kindle or whatnot, you can either ask me or follow Dean Wesley Smith’s blog and workshops (I’ll be attending his next fall workshops).
I’m Italian, and like you I’d rather write in English (although 90% of my friends don’t speak it and beg me to write in Italian again – but I know the state of the Italian publishing industry and they’re 10 years behind the US, that’s why I went indie).
@shakespeare… should we connect, become friends and start swapping? 😉
Thanks for all of your responses!