Re: Brainstorming Help!


Barbara G.Tarn

I’m editing my historical novel at the moment (the fantasy projects are wrapped up) and if you’d like to go further back in history, well… the crusades. They were not only Christian against Muslim, but also Christian against Christian. I f you check more closely the third crusade, you can see the struggles between the “Franks” born in Palestine fighting against each other for the Kingdom of Jerusalem (lost to Saladin) while Franks coming from Europe tried to free the country from the heathens. DO NOT watch Kingdom of Heaven, the Wikipedia entry on Balian of Ibelin is more historically correct! 😉 Characters involved: Conrad of Montferrat vs Guy of Lusignan backed by Richard Lionheart or Philip of France, which made for a messy situation.
About the other story and other topics… I shall email you! 🙂
Happy writing