Re: Brainstorming Help!



Vernieda: Oooooo thanks! I love the brother vs. brother stuff on the Onin War! That’s a great complicated conflict. I love how there were two legitimate heirs. It certainly has gotten some ideas flowing.

Xaenyth: Oooo I didn’t even consider that, but that’s a really good point. Even after the person gets sober there would be all this buried hurt and tension. Like a kicked dog. I am not sure if I want that to be the main thing that kicks off the split, but I can certainly use it as a fallout thing and something that drives a further wedge between the two of them.

Or maybe not. Maybe I use it as the starting point. I have to think about it for a while. I’ve had bad personal experiences with addicts before, so I usually don’t make my main characters addicts because it would almost make me hate/not trust them immediately. I know I should be able to separate my personal experience from a fictional character, but I am not quite there yet. So maybe if I give it some time and I think it over, I might be able to see how it would work between the two characters.

Either way it’s a potent suggestion!

Barbara: How far back it goes doesn’t really matter to me. I am looking at the basis for conflict :D. The crusades are also a good suggestion. I sort of didn’t think about the Crusades because I did something with the plague in another book, so I just wrote off that time period in general. But you’re right! I could totally do something with all the strife and fighting back then.

The really neat thing about history is there are so many events that lead to other events. The fall of the Roman empire, the Black Death, the conversion to Christianity, it all had to happen a certain way to set up the circumstances for the next set of events.

Thanks for the great suggestion. I know there was a lot of conflict around that time period, so I should brush up on it.

Thank you everyone for your help so far! You guys are AWESOME!