Re: Brainstorming Help!



Sharra: Those are great ideas! I am slowly collecting everyone’s suggestions and synthesizing them into that mountain. Some issues will be bigger, I think, but I also like all of the other stuff that can further wedge the characters apart. Like incompatible activities and boyfriend issues.

Maybe instead of one big thing pushing them apart and the little things adding up, it could be lots of little things that turns into the last straw. *gets shivers*

That might even better, because even if I did something like “Character A is responsible for Character B’s brother death”, you can still apologize for that. You can work through that eventually. But how do you apologize for all the little hurts and betrayals?

Miranda: Yay! I am glad you like this. I really love putting my characters through some serious internal conflict, and I am glad I’m not the only one. *innocent smile*

And seriously? That adoption thing? That’s golden. It fits my characters surprisingly well.

I didn’t get your email yet, btw. You might be busy or still working on it, but I thought I would let you know. I checked my spam filter and it’s not there either. 😀

Xaenyth: Okay so I had some ideas, especially regarding the addiction thing.

In this WIP these two best friends are basically sisters. One girl is a sidhe and the other is a human. The human girl is a changeling, which means her star chart (something super important in the sidhe culture) matches the sidhe’s perfectly. They were born at the same time. So when things are predicted they don’t know if the human or sidhe is the one being referred to, because cosmically speaking they come up as the same. Sort of like identical twins. (this is where I could use the adoption ideas).

So they’re like sisters and they were super close. The human girl gets premonitions, and the sidhe gets what I call postmonitions–she sees past events, usually traumatic, when touching an object related to that event.

I was thinking that there’s an injection that Seers can take to lesser the brutal effects of having a vision of either the past or future. But the human girl poo-poos this injection and is convinced she can control her gift herself (sort of like how some people think people shouldn’t take meds for ADD and ADHD).

But the sidhe girl struggles with her gift. She has all these terrible memories of people dying in her mind. And maybe after a particularly bad vision, she starts to take the injection hoping it would make things better. So while all the small stuff is happening, she’s taking this injection, but later it comes out she’s taking it and it gets to be this big deal.

THIS is why I love brainstorming with other people. Because I would have completely written off the drug/addiction thing, but now I’ve found an awesome way to make this work!

You guys are so awesome. I cannot begin to thank you all for your help!