Re: CP for YA Fantasy



Hi Sarah. Your book sounds interesting. I think mine may have some similar elements. we can try out a few chapters if you’d like.

My MS is currently about 60k and going through the editing process. I still have a couple more chapters to add in throughout which will beef up the story.

My book is set in a futuristic dystopian world that is years down the road from coming out of a severe famine. Evelyn, the story’s protagonist has a stalker who her left her an empty journal – problem is, writing is illegal. The next morning after a vivid nightmare, Evelyn finds the journal full of one repeated word. The more she looks into the meaning of the unknown word, Evelyn begins to realize the people around her aren’t acting right, as if evil is seeping into their pores. In order to save the ones she cares about, Evelyn must uncover the secret behind the word. The word that could possibly unlock the deception everyone but her is under.