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hey there,

are you still looking for a CP?
for some reason i am unable to send PM’s so i thought i’d comment.
i am looking for pretty much the same thing, i don’t have much as far as a hook goes because i’m still trying to get it just right but this is what i have so far..
mine is a YA urban fantasy…

After being left at the alter almost three years ago, monster hunter Damien West swore off relationships. Living the life of a playboy, he was done with love but he never expected of old friends to have changed so much.

Seventeen year old Amy Peterson has always harbored a crush on her big brother’s best friend, Damien. He’s tough, cocky and more than a little rough around the edges, definitely not the kind of guy she should fall for but sometimes thing don’t work out as they should.

Damien still hasn’t forgiven Xavier, his hunting partner, for hooking up with his sister; so when Misty dissapears he isn’t too concerned. At first. When Xavier’s desperate attempts to find the woman he loves lead them to England to stay with old friends, Damien assumes they’re just chasing ghost. What they discover there is worse, turns out they’re chasing demons and they don’t appreciate it.

Drunk vampires, Trash talking demons and an exploding fast food restaurant? Nothing could prepare Damien for the prophecy they didn’t even know he was a part of.

PM or let me know if you would be interested in swapping a few chapters to see if we are a good fit.