Re: Critique Partners



Hello, I am new to this but I am looking for a critique partner. I have never critique so I would be giving you pure feedback and may find a mistake or two here or there. It will be a selfish relationship I will admit…. But I think I’m worth it! I am looking for honesty myself… I mean who isn’t. I have put a synopsis of my current WIP… Hope you like it!

Dr. Toni Hollander is an ER doctor and is the brightest star in the hospital until Ben shows up. Ben finds Toni looks like an old friend and Toni finds Ben to be irresistable. After an unexpected kiss Toni thinks things will heat up but instead things fizzle when she finds out his secret. In order to help him and keep herself safe she in list the help of her friend Annie. But little do they all know that this was the plan all along!