Re: Critique Partners



Hello, I’m new to all this. I have written poetry for a long time, but this is my first crack at a book. I’ve bin told to join a writers group near me but there is only on that’s not a good fit, and I don’t have time for 30min drive to it. I have also bin told to blog but to tell the truth I never thought I would.

I only have 4 finished chapters, that I have gone over once. I would love a critiquer, but I have never done it before my self.

My book Helix: war of 3031, its a post apocalypse book, with a love twist.
Just before a nuclear war starts in 2012 the US builds massive underground cites to save the best and brightest. over the 1000year lock down humanity begins to evolve. 19 years after the doors open to the outside world sora takes over Helix, banishes her uncle for killing her father in front of her as a child, and finds love. now she only has a matter of months to get her people ready for war. Will she make it, can she save humanity, can she save her people (advanced humans)?

I would love any feed back, I would like to know what I’m doing wrong and right. That way I can fix it now and not make the same mistakes. I want full honesty, but positive feed back as well. I am open to more then one persone, the differint points of vew will be good for me.

Maria A W