Re: Critique Partners


Sharra S

My WIP is about a girl who gets chosen unwillingly by her kind’s head religious organization to become a priestess. Due to her affinity with a god (her kind is polytheist) at her “claiming” she was actually magically caged. The story is about trying to fight the path chosen for her and find that elusive thing called freedom.

Unfortunately, I keep editing what I’ve written and stopped advancing forward. So part of what I am hoping for in a partner/group is someone who will keep me to task so I continue to advance in my book. (That weird thing called life keeps getting in the way…)

That being said, I’m cool for critiquing others until I have enough. I don’t have much experience in doing critiques past regular proofreading and have much more experience with technical writing. I’m detail oriented though, love to brainstorm, and read a broad spectrum of books.