Re: Do Y’all Agree with King?



Thanks for the feedback on that, ladies! A lot to consider, but I do see now how critiques of the first draft could stifle some creativity… or result in extra motivation. Pros and cons, just like everything else, huh?

@annsquared “For an author that’s just starting out, they may need someone to point out problems early on, so they can fix them, rather than having to overhaul 100,000 words after the fact.”

AMEN to that. I’ve gotten some valuable feedback that will benefit my second draft *tremendously*. I wouldn’t have even noticed these things if it weren’t for some awesome critiquers. No overhauling 100k words for me. It was only about 15 🙂

Also, I’m curious about the scene that got the ‘OMG! OMFG!’ response — are you querying for that book yet?

@xaenyth ‘I realized that the reason I was having problems was because I was too worried about polishing..’

I can definitely see how that would distract someone from the writing process. If you’re always thinking about some of the technical aspects, how can you just tell the story? Makes sense to me!