Re: E-publishing Links?


Barbara G.Tarn

you should research (through Agent Query and the likes) small publishers. Most are ebook only or ebook first and then print-run if it’s a best seller.
I’m going to try Rhemalda Publishing for my historical novel when I’m done because a blogger friend went from self-publishing to working with them and she says they’re great.
I also follow Six Sentence Sunday and every Sunday you can read six sentences of different authors, published or unpublished. Most are romance writers, and their publishing houses are Decadent Publishing or Muse It up. It depends on what genre you write in, of course…
here are the two main links mentioned above:
(see, I did my research on trad pub and agents before going indie with fantasy! 😉 I’m not at home, so I don’t have the pages I used to research them, though. If you need more info, PM me and I’ll send you those other links)