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So I’ve thought about the suggestions you guys gave and I’m up for round two… I’m curious which one you guys think is better.

After some adjustments, these could be my first 250 words:

My foot crumbles loudly on a tin can and I push back the grimace that’s threatening to take over my face as the sound loudly reverberates off of the alley’s walls. I want so badly to send out a slew of curses into the night, to let all of my enemies out there know that I’m here too and I’m ready for their shit, but instead I stay silent. All I need is for them to know how off kilter they’ve made me, how really messed up I am on the inside.

They’re like sharks. One sign of weakness and I’m dead. So instead I scream loudly, but only in my thoughts, where my inner demons alone can hear them. Demons which are tame compared to what exists in the world around me.

It doesn’t make me feel any better. The tension’s still there, building; growing until eventually I’ll burst.

I will regret this… Here I am one step beyond the dumpster’s shadow and yet nothing has ever been so crystal clear. Maybe I’ve known it all along, silently repressing the thought for the last two weeks, knowing that at this point in the game, my opinion hardly matters.

If I’m completely honest with myself, I no longer even have an opinion. They’ve taken it from me. Now I only have the motivation, find the Lev or else face the consequences.

Nikol’s life or death. Those were the options I was given.