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Hi, I’m new here, but want as much feedback as I can get. I’m serious about publishing my YA WIP. What I’m posting is actually my 1st 240 words. I didn’t want to stop it the middle of a paragraph I hope that’s ok.

Closing my eyes, I inhale deeply. The smells of winter filling my nose. In my mind I picture me standing in a meadow, daisies surrounding me for hundreds of miles. But when I open my eyes again, and scan the surrounding area I know where I am.
A thin layer of snow flakes caress the ground. The sky is a murky grey, and the wind has an icy nip. Yes, I’m still in Redwood, Virginia. Fifty feet from where I stand is Redwood lake. Although frozen over now, the lake still gives off a sense of serenity-that’s how I feel when I’m here.
Still, after everything that’s happened in the last week I’m more than grateful to finally be able to steal a few moments away from the pressures of my life. It won’t be long though, before I have to go home and appear before the Imperial Court. Today, I will be paired with a angelic boy from my village, and in six months time we will be married. I shudder at the thought.
Wednesday I will begin guardian training. Every young angelic must go through the year long guardian program if they’re going to become full guardian angels. That is something I think I’m looking forward to. Finally leaving Redwood, the town that my Mom, Julia, was assigned to years ago. “No.” I say aloud. “These things can wait. For now you’re here where none of that matters.”