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I’m a newbie here. I’m posting 261 words (What can I say? I’m a rule breaker…JK) I didn’t want to stop in the middle of a sentence. Okay, tell me what you think… *runs and hides*

The massive church was dissected by a carpet trail, running toward the centralized pulpit. I sat at the beginning of the pew on the first row glancing lazily around avoiding eye contact with the casket. I was in a-scratch that-I was a hurricane of emotions that was devoid of the calming eye. I did not know what to expect of myself. My face was raw from the tears formed a lazy river down my face. “I should have worn water-proof makeup.” I muttered to no one, yet sitting to my right my brother took notice and tightened his hold around me. Due to recent events Kendal clung to me as if his life depended on it, well my life really. He was afraid of my rollercoaster emotions, knowing that he was the one who could weather my storm and lull me into compliance or restriction. The latter depended on the severity of my moods. Kendal’s right hand stretched across his torso linking my right hand to his as his left arm resting on the backrest of my seat; bring me into the protective nook under his arms. Protecting me? Shielding me? Restraining me in anticipation of foreseen actions? I doubt even anyone knew what I was capable of, least of all me. To combat my erratic behavior I assigned my hands with the task of ripping my tear damped tissue to shreds. This task was becoming more difficult beneath Kendal’s elephant ear hands. Sensing my frustration he loosened his grasp a bit. Maybe he was pleased with my current calm demeanor?