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I’m game! Here’s the first 250 words of my first chapter:

I will regret this… I’ve barely taken a step out from within a dumpster’s shadow and yet I know. Maybe I’ve known it all along, silently repressing the thought for the last two weeks, knowing that at this point in the game, my opinion hardly matters. I made my choice, if you could call it that. Now I’m living the consequences. And no matter where I go, there’s a bad vibe in the air, a sort of tension that seeps into my bones.

Her life or death. Those were the options I was given.

But what were my options really?

I had none. By keeping her alive, I will undoubtedly die. So both paths lead to death. I’m not so dense that I don’t know that. But how could I choose my life over hers?


So here I am, with every step walking closer to my grave. It’s an unusual sensation, knowing that to be true. Liberating and constricting at the same time.

I flex my fingers, feeling the tendons tighten and loosen, trying to savor the feeling. The action is a simple demonstration of one thing I know I’m capable of controlling. With the number of those dwindling, I’ll take whatever I can get.

My foot crumbles loudly on a tin can and I push back the grimace that’s threatening to take over my face as the sound loudly reverberates off of both the alley’s walls and the inside of my ear canals….
(250 drops me off in the middle of a paragraph)