Re: First Page



@Dawn – Yeah, I think a series of journal entries would be really tough to pull off, even for a very experienced writer. It’s just tough to connect to a character when you’re stuck in their head, with no real outside interaction, for an entire novel. Not to say there must be other people. Certainly entire novels have been written where there’s only one character, but in those, we still see how that character interacts with the world around them in ‘real time’, rather than just a summary of events after the fact.

Just one thing I wanted to mention, though it may resolve itself if you do a re-write….I couldn’t tell if your MC was male or female. I sort of assumed female, because the narrative seemed to read a bit feminine (I think it was the ‘Yippee!’ Don’t know many guys that would use that word), but then the fight thing made me think twice. But even once I was finished, I really could’ve gone either way. It’s one of those struggles exclusive to first person, but I’d suggest you find a way to work it in as early as possible so you don’t leave your reader floundering and trying to form a picture of your MC.

Anyway, hope that helps and good luck!