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Okay, I think I got it! Third person limited! ((Sorry for posting so many, but this is a huge project for me!))

The gray-black paws hit the asphalt hard as the wolf ducked under another shot of magic. The three men chasing him were obviously brothers; not only did they look alike, but they talked alike and moved alike. However, only the oldest was the one who could manipulate energy… or at least that’s what Drake assumed. The oldest was the only one shooting those annoying bolts at him.

He growled lightly as another bolt shot above his head. This was happened when misunderstandings occurred in front of the wrong people. If Cole hadn’t lunged at him…

He let his mind wander slightly back to the days where Cole Anderson thought of Drake Williams as a threat and rival. Drake simply enjoyed running and was good at it. No big deal.

And then Cole had taken that drug and had gone mad. His hormones charged with anger at Drake for some odd reason, and it caused him to turn into a wolf, run off, and vanish forever…well, until tonight; a few years later. Cole had apparently not been able to shift back and blamed it on Drake. Why? Simple for making him angry enough. Did Drake force the drug on him? No, but Cole wasn’t exactly being logical either.

The wolf shook the thoughts out of his head as a bolt singed his ear. He looked back through his peripheral vision, and when he looked forward again, he almost missed the people that appeared out of nowhere. The wolf changed his path slightly to run past them as if they didn’t exist and hoped the three men chasing him would collide with the metal man and the small kitten hybrid.

Wait a minute…

Metal man and kitten hybrid? He almost stopped to double back and check out the odd couple but couldn’t risk getting caught.