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Haha! Don’t worry. I’ll go first. I was on my phone when I posted so I couldn’t post anything. I’ll be the sacrificial lamb. 🙂

This is from my last story. I got stuck on the first draft and moved onto the story I’m writing now. So I won’t die if you rip it to shreds!

His hand lingered on the rough surface of the church wall. He took his time running his long fingers against it, raking his nails along the worn grooves while the warm sunlight poured in golds and reds through the stained glass arms of the Virgin Mary. Her dark blue dress blocked out the strongest of the sun’s rays, allowing him to bask in her warmth without being overcome by weakness.

A priest shuffled out onto the floor where the alter rested. He collected the wine and wafers and carried them back into his private room.

Varian had spent hundreds of hours here but he’d never breached the priest’s sanctuary and ventured behind the alter. He went there to find peace and to enjoy the ornate church that
was so different from his own plain place of godless worship.

Varian moved to the front when he was sure the priest was gone. Silently, he lit several candles and fondled the worn rosary in his picket as he knelt. He didn’t pray. The calm of the flickering candles calmed the torrent in his mind and combined with the strong aroma of incense he inhaled every time he forced himself to take a shallow breath, eased his aching soul.

He was so lost in calm that he barely felt the squeeze on his shoulder. His eyelids cracked open and he looked up at the priest.

“Hello Father Daniel.”

The older priest smiled. The creases on his face were more severe than the last time Varian had seen him.

“I’ve seen you four times this month. That’s twice as many times as I normally see you in a year. You’re taking a big risk with your life.”