Re: First Page



It isn´t really the first page of my project, but it was called to be lame, and, anyway, I haven´t decided yet what to do with the beginning:

“I sneak around the corner. The face of a girl hits me and I stumble back. I knew it would be there. I knew it. But when I see it with my own eyes, it creeps me out. On every building the Television Walls show the same face: a girl with brown hair, pulled up into a ponytail, with brown eyes under furrowed, wild eyebrows and a crooked nose. The sober girl´s skin is sun burned and dirty.
The girl is me.
I´m on every Television Wall in Capital City.
I jump back and hide behind a container before anyone can notice me, sliding down the wall and prop my forhead against my knees (gegen etw. lehnen). My breath is too fast and heavy and my fingers shake when I run them through my hair. But they get stuck and I realize I´m wearing that damn ponytail again. Angry, I yank the ponytail out, feeling the sharp pull when several pieces of my hair go with it. I carefully yank the strands from the elastic band before putting it on my wrist.
Sweat creeps down my neck and a shiver runs through my body.
Well, I knew it would be there. But to see it in real life gave me a shock. I didn´t realize before now that I´m the most wanted villain in Capital City. Good job, Robin, I tell myself. You´re as good as dead.
The gun on my back presses into my shoulder blade. I shift it over my shoulder so that it rests between my breasts. I stroke the cool metal with my hot, shaking fingertips. The full weight of what happened crushes me now; the air is too heavy to breathe, the gun crushes against my ribs and my thoughts expand to the point of breaking my skull. “