Re: Free Novel Software



Hey tkmarnell!

Thanks for your input.

I recently tried the trail Scrivener and I found it a little difficult to use as well. Scrivener had a lot of tools but I would never use them because I have my own tools and own methods of getting writing done. Scrivener is fancy looking I guess but it’s a bit much for me. Like I said I don’t really need all those tools that Scrivener has in order to write, so I’m just looking for something more simple like ywriter5. I’m sure Scrivener works fine for others. The only thing is I’m now looking for something else more like ywriter5 only I want it to be able to communicate with Microsoft Word or at least be able to act like it. I always have a hard time pasting my Microsoft Word into ywriter5. The format and the paragraph indent don’t always come out right for some reason and that can get annoying when I have to go through the ywriter5 program myself and indent all the paragraphs by hand, ugh. I’ve updated ywriter5 but it didn‘t seem to help any.

So if anyone knows of another program like ywriter5 then please list em’ here. Thanks 😉