Re: How Did You Become a Writer?



I wasn’t a writer as a child either Jessica. I was a reader (I read the horsey books too!), making my parents take me to the library at least one ever two weeks so I could check out another massive stack of books.

While I didn’t write as a child, or at least until I was about twelve, I did spend hours and hours making up stories with my younger brother. We created worlds and lives for all of our stuffed animals, toys, and later ourselves. We were super heroes and space explorers, every new game becoming more and more complex with deeper myths and histories and magic systems.

Then, when I was twelve or so, I started trying to write down my stories. I wrote a book (which was 21 pages long) that year and started many other stories. But I never thought I wanted to make a living writing. I wanted to be a horse breeder and trainer (another commonality to you @jessicafriday 🙂 ), or a teacher, or a youth pastor. And it was frowned upon in my family to want to write fantasy. It took me a long time to break out of that.

So I wrote for fun when I was bored. I was a junior in college before I finally changed my major to English and began taking this idea of writing for a living seriously. And I chose to write fantasy, of all things. 😉