Re: How Did You Become a Writer?


Kenra Daniels

I dictated my first stories to my mother as a preschooler, and filled her letter tablets with page after page of “writing”, every line packed with scribbles – my attempt at cursive writing. A little later, when I could spell a few words, probably about 5yrs, I stapled pages together and made my own “books”.

I’ve been writing ever since, though fiction took a backseat to being wife and mother, and to my career, for a long time. I still wrote short stories, and beginnings of novels, but didn’t make any serious attempts. Then in 2009, I got serious and wrote my first paranormal romance. It was a major learning experience, since I had forgotten a lot of the finer points of writing over the years. I’m working on my fourth PNR now, and the 3rd is on sub.